PTEK is a smaller local technology company that makes radio transmitters. Working with design firm "LA Zing", we photographed several models of their products for all promotional purposes. It is good equipment and is nicely finished, making our job easier. This small company is growing and I hope we've helped them grow more. 

Spokane Roofing, a venerable Spokane roofing company came to us with the need to document some of their recent projects. I asked if they wanted to see the actual roofs and they said "no- they get dirty right away". Good point- they are mostly white membrane roofs. This made our task much more simple, too. 

Leviton Company brought us in to help illustrate a case-study of Spokane's Davenport Grand Hotel's many uses of Leviton products. I guarantee that you have used their electrical switches and components. The Burson-Marsteller PR agency in Boston actually asked us to photograph this project for Leviton after looking at regional photographer's websites. We must have walked six miles in the half-day we spent at the Hotel. Walt Worthy's electricians were super helpful and stood in as installers for several images. Best of all, they were the actual installers. J. Craig Sweat Photography, Inc. got a preview of the Hotel before it opened and then right before the grand opening. It's really big and very luxurious.