Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho (PPGWNI, no less) began a conversation with us at the end of 2015 about a photographic approach to a campaign to express their mission and improve their visibility. With the concept from art director Kolea Kent, we decided on a series of portraits, each with a short testimonial comment. Our subjects were their clients and some client-contact staffers. Photography was scheduled for a day in Yakima and a day, in studio, here in Spokane. Kolea and I refined the style and approach before production with some testing and experimentation, then produced over 40 individual portraits (well, there are also a few two and three - people variations). In addition to using these images for their 2016 Annual Report cover and other print applications, seventeen of these were prepared for a gallery show which travelled with the PPGWNI team to three community gatherings (and fund raisers). We had R&R Color Lab make large prints on aluminum, for it's look, durability, and simplicity. These prints were then hung with a bit of hardware I invented and built for the gallery exhibits, with fabrication help from friend John Mraz. Simple, straightforward, and direct as a presentation. The last of these gatherings was held at my studio and was, by all accounts, very successful- like the other two events. It was great fun as well. The prints and hardware will now go to PPGWNI for use in their clinics and offices. We were all happy to get this much mileage out of our efforts. 

AuthorJ. Craig Sweat