Road King magazine cover art

"RoadKing", a magazine for professional truckers, came to us through Michael Nott at Parthenon Publishing in Nashville Tennessee, to photograph a cover for the January/February 2014 issue. The story covers how trucker Jason Baker won a contest for losing weight and got himself in much better shape. Whatever the prize, the improvement in his health and attitude was worth more. Driving his truck to northern Canada and back routinely was not a recipe for good health. We (Chase Warnick assisting) took Jason and his beautiful truck, thanks to his company "System Transport", and prettier wife out on old Highway 2 not far from Rearden. She came to keep him company and we got pictures of them both with the tractor, just for fun. They got published in the cover story inside the magazine too. Jayson is a great fellow with a real positive disposition which made the whole process in the cold and wind, even into the dark of evening, good fun. The designer was real happy with the result and we sent a handful of prints to Jayson. He thanked us heartily. Thanks again RoadKing, and congratulations Jayson.

I love editorial work- its always a challenge to come up with something good no matter what the circumstances. No excuses.

You can view the story here:

Road King Magazine: Jayson Baker