The Joel E. Ferris Home has been getting a lot of press lately. We photographed the home and grounds last Spring at the request of Sam Ferris to document the house, and for sales purposes. It is currently featured in the MAC exhibit SPOMa (Spokane Mid-Century Architecture) and was very recently featured (ten pages worth) in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene Living magazine's March issue. It is mentioned in a number of blogs and other websites. Sam Ferris has set up a website just for the house at


This very day, Dwell Magazine is being released with a full page featuring the Ferris Home and some history and commentary about it. Sam Ferris, our  client in this project, asked if I had ever had a client get more mileage from a group of images. Having done published photography for quite a while, we've had a lot of "ink", but I had to admit that this was a contender, for sure. Toby Ferris, Sam's brother, said it would cost 35K to buy an advertising page in Dwell Magazine. It really is a great house and is getting a lot of buzz because of its character and sublime design. Take a look and don't forget your checkbook!