A while ago, we (my wife Ann and I) came back from three weeks in France. It was a "work" trip as we did projects on a house in France to make it vacation-rental ready. It's a long story; the short version being that I inherited this place from my French uncle Pierre and we would like to keep it in the family if possible. We will rent it out to people looking for a small home to stay in on vacation in France. It isn't fancy but it's real nice- clean and complete. It's rural, on a big lot, surrounded by a laurel hedge so it is very private. Three bedrooms and two baths, radiant floor heat, a very sunny and pleasant main room, modern kitchen. The house was built in 2001 so it is modern and not drafty and has amenities like radiant floor heat. With a listing on VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) or "Gite.com" we hope to cover the cost of running and keeping up the house.  Still working on that website submission material. We really hope we can make this work because Ann and I love the house and the location and can't get over there enough while we are still busy working. Its one of those places that is so quiet at night it almost hurts and you can see the Milky Way like you could reach out and touch it. It is the most relaxing place I've visited in years and the local activities are great- kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, lots of ancient ruins and functional castles very near, great small rural villages, Saturday markets in the village square. This area is known for excellent food and we can confirm that. Here are a few photos of the home, inside and out, and the area:

Les Rengues_CSP5761.jpg